“Solar energy – an inexhaustible force”

Dr. Alexander Jäger-Bloh



We treat third-party projects as though they were our own. Investors can then rest assured that their

An overview of our service portfolio:

  • Technical management
    • Remote maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs by our staff or authorized partner firms on site
    • Inspection of solar plants
    • Maintenance, panel cleaning, groundskeeping
  • bookkeeping
    • Contract management (such as financial contracts)
    • Records and coordination of bookkeeping and reporting
    • Cooperation with grid operators and energy providers
    • Warrantee and insurance management, reports for investors and banks
    • Cash flow forecasts, liquidity audits

Project sales

We are constantly interested in suitable sites for solar plants. Once a construction permit has been procured, we structure financing and work with investors to realise a turnkey product.

Consulting services

An investment’s success depends upon a wide range of general conditions. We conduct a feasibility study to shed light on all of the relevant items. The projects undergo a thorough review so that investors do not face any nasty surprises. If need be, we can also handle project management tasks in the various project phases to help investors complete the project rollout successfully.

About deanSolar

As a service provider, our philosophy is to combine international and regional expertise. Thanks to our many years of experience in all project phases, we can begin optimizing a project at the outset with later benefits during operation.