“Solar energy – an inexhaustible force”

Dr. Alexander Jäger-Bloh


As a service provider, our philosophy is to combine international and regional expertise. Thanks to our many years of experience in all project phases, we can begin optimizing a project at the outset with later benefits during operation.

Fast reactions, a steady hand, intensive cooperation, and professional collaboration with manufacturers, customer service, and other experts guarantee optimal security and profitability.

deanSolar constantly keeps an eye on developments in the solar energy sector and has an overview of promising new developments and changing requirements. deanSolar keeps performance and quality up to date through innovation and qualifications.

We develop and manage projects as though they were our own – an important principle in the work we do.


Renewable energy works with the forces of nature. We work in the midst of nature in the Neustadt area, one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Hanover region. Get to know us. Here, we present our executive board: